KMITA Swing Designs

  • Dragon Swing, Sketch
  • SHNS, Lindy Hop Non Stop, Flyer
  • Blues Happenings, Shirt Design


  • Branding: Event logo design
  • Graphic Design: poster, flyer, and program designs
  • Web Design: Creating websites in Photoshop
  • Social Media: Adding content and updates to Facebook group.


Non-Profit – Swing Dance Organization


KMITA Swing is a non-profit organization to promote culture, music and swing dancing in Poland.


Hourglass Studios created promotional materials for a number of events including Lindy Hop Non Stop and Dragon Swing as well as flyers for weekly social dance events and lessons.

For the 2013 event called Blues Happenings, Nina Elkin was co-organizer and artistic director in charge of everything to be included in the promotional material and identity package of the event including the website, flyers and logo as well as schedule planning and coordination.

Blues Happenings Gallery

Dragon Swing 2013 Logo

Lindy Hop Non Stop Gallery

KMITA Swing, Weekly Event Promotions

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