Drip! Responsive Website

  • Drip! Mobile Espresso, Responsive Website Design
  • Drip! Mobile Espresso, Responsive Website Design


  • Print Design: business cards
  • Web Design: mobile responsive website
  • Photo Editing: touching up promotional images
  • Illustration: re-creating drawing as a vector illustration


Restaurant – Coffee Food Truck


Drip! Mobile Espresso provides customers with the highest quality and most delicious coffee and espresso beverages possible because they feel that life is just too short to drink bad coffee!

Project Details

Drip! Mobile Espresso does their business on the go. Their original website was not designed to be mobile responsive and they were in need of a complete re-vamp. Hourglass Studios stepped in and gave them a website their customers could access from any devise.

Drip! had a wonderful screen printed illustration of their truck, created by the Oakland based DawnKathrynStudio.com. Drip! wanted to incorporate the illustration into the design of their website, but needed it to look crisp. Hourglass Studios recreated the illustration as a vector image and integrated it with their logo.

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