San Francisco Mime Troupe, Poster Designs

  • Youth Theater Project, YTP, Recruiting flyer
  • San Francisco Mime Troupe's Youth Theater Project, 2019 Poster Design, Hourglass Studios
  • San Francisco Mime Troupe's Youth Theater Project, 2017 Poster Design, Hourglass Studios
  • Speak Up! Speak Out! Show Flyer, SFMT, Youth Theater Project
  • SFMT, Ripple Effect, 2014 Summer Show Flyer


  • Branding: Youth Theater Project logo design
  • Branding: YTP 20th anniversary logo design
  • Graphic Design: poster, flyer and program designs
  • Social Media: Adding content and updates to Facebook group


Entertainment – Political Theater

About the SFMT

The San Francisco Mime Troupe does not do silent pantomime. They mean ‘mime’ in the ancient sense: to mimic. They talk, they sing, they make a lot of noise. They are satirists, seeking to make their audience laugh at the absurdities of contemporary life and at the same time, see their causes. They’ve done shows about most of the burning issues of our time, generally shows that debunked the official story. They perform everywhere from public parks to palaces of culture, aiming to reach the broadest possible audience.

Project Details

As the Graphic Designer for the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Youth Theater Project, Hourglass Studios been responsible for the YTP promotional poster, flyers and playbill / brochure design since 2014. In 2016, we were particularly excited to create the branding to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the program.

We have also been selected by the Mime Troupe Collective to design the poster (2014) and program (2014 & 2015) for their annual summer show, which performs publicly in parks all over the city of San Francisco. 

Youth Theater Project (YTP) Recruitment

Show Poster Gallery

YTP 20th Anniversary Branding

YTP Group Photography


Lisa Hori-Garcia, Headshot

Nina is the ideal team player to have on any project. She's not only professional and talented but so easy to collaborate with and extremely flexible and fun. I've been working with her at SFMT in our educational department for several years, and have found her fresh and innovative ideas to be priceless. Nina has been helping us create a new branding look for the 20th anniversary of our Youth Theater Project. Her experience with this program the last few years in creating recruitment materials, social media engagement and show poster designs has been indispensable. We were very lucky to find her!

Lisa Hori-Garcia | YTP Program Director