About Hourglass Studios

Hourglass Studios unique approach to design and development showcases your business or product with elegance and style. Founded in 2010 by graphic designer and visual artist, Nina Elkin, we have produced designs for businesses locally in San Francisco Bay Area and all over the world.

Services include portrait painting, graphic design, and creative marketing.

We love working with nonprofits, creative organizations, health and wellness businesses, women lead businesses, start-ups, passion pursuits, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Want to collaborate? Ask us about our consultation sessions!

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Design Services

Hourglass Studios, Branding IconShowcase Your Brand
Logo & Branding Services

Your brand story is unique; it’s at the core of who you are as a business and it’s what connects your audience to you. Hourglass Studios provides branding services and works with you to  share your story. Together, we will create an effective brand strategy that will give you the tools you need to build a strong customer base and long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Hourglass Studios, Visual Marketing IconLeverage Sales Potential
Visual Marketing Services

We create it all—branding, websites, graphics, print collateral and modern and traditional visual designs. We work with you to develop stunning marketing visuals that will target your ideal clients, set you apart from your competitors and make a lasting impression on your prospects. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Hourglass Studios, Photo Editing IconEnhance Your Image
Photo Editing Services

Every image is edited by hand, by a well-trained, qualified human. We specialize in photo retouching, color correction and photo enhancement.

Hourglass Studios, Illustration IconMake a Lasting Impression
Illustration Services

Your marketing message will come alive with our custom illustrations. Whether hand drawn or digital, Hourglass Studios will create the perfect artwork to showcase your product, business and ideas in an effective and memorable way.

Hourglass Studios, Print Design IconLeave an Impactful Mark
Print Design Services

Even though digital marketing is growing exponentially, there are still many times when printed materials are appropriate and very much needed. Hourglass Studios excels in creating printed designs, including business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, banners, mailers and other marketing collateral.

Hourglass Studios, Web Design IconRefresh Your Web Presence
Web Design Services

Your web presence is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for converting your target audience into buying customers. Whether your existing website needs an evaluation and update or you are just getting started, we work closely with you through the entire design and development process. Ask about our consultation sessions for updating your website.

Hourglass Studios, Tutoring IconConfidently Update Your Content
Consultation Services

We love teaching clients “how we do it”. That is why we offer in-person consultation sessions on how to make your own website updates with future content, make adjustments to your designs, or take control of your visual marketing strategy. We will teach you how to make content changes so you can confidently update your own website or designs and do it with personal pride.

Nina Elkin, Owner of Hourglass Studios, Headshot

Meet the Founder and Visual Artist

Since the beginning, I’ve helped small businesses to find their voice in the San Francisco Bay Area through visual design and brand identity. By establishing a strong web presence for my clients, they have become thought leaders in their industry. Clients come to me with an idea and trust me to create a dynamic public image. As a fine artist, I have created commissioned work and shown my fine art pieces internationally.

After completing my MFA in Painting at the prestigious Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, I traveled throughout Europe pursuing my passion. While my first love is fine art, I’m also enamored with new media and graphic design. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay area, I have found a way to blend commercial and fine art together to evolve Hourglass Studios.

When I’m not designing and painting, I spend time with my other passions, vintage swing dancing, activism, cooking and international travel.