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  • Lindy Hop Brochure, Yehoodi


Print Design: Tri-fold Brochure Design


Dance Organization


Yehoodi is a community of folks from around the world that are passionate about lindy hop, swing dancing and swing jazz. They welcome anyone who wants to learn more about this artform and to hang out with others in the lindy hop community.


Rik Penganiban of Yehoodi wanted to initiate a project to create a brochure to promote the black origins of Lindy Hop which would be freely available to download and print by any swing dance community globally. The project was sponsored by Iris Dolowitz Tarou, a main organizer of The 9:20 Special which offers Swing Lessons and Dancing in San Francisco. Hourglass Studios joined the project as the designer and collaborated with  Veronica Ramirez who contributed copy writing, as well as project advisers LaTasha Barnes and Tena Morales-Armstrong on content.

The images were all sourced from freely available photographs provided by The New York Public Library Digital Collections. The project launched successfully in print and online and a number of organizers indicated their plans to utilize the resource as well as translate it into additional languages internationally.

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