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Services Provided

  • Branding: Logo design
  • Photography: Photo editing for website
  • Print Design: business cards, flyers, and t-shirts
  • Web Design: Responsive 1-page parallax website.


Health and Wellness – Yoga Instructor

About The Big Yogi

Through a unique blend of yoga, meditation and stress relief, “The Big Yogi” Nick Palladino, will train you to be happier, reduce your stress, dispel your fears and create the life that you want to live, now.

Project Details

We crossed paths with Nick Palladino when he was at an intersection for change and transitioning to being a full-time yoga instructor. He was looking for a new online appearance and focused on growing The Big Yogi brand. In addition to web development, he also receives ongoing print design, branding, photography and illustration services.

Three websites and a complete rebrand later, we have contributed to The Big Yogi’s ever growing success as a leader in the Bay Area yoga industry.

The Big Yogi Designs

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Nick Palladino, The Big Yogi, Headshot

Nina's work and dedication to my website design and branding has been nothing short of amazing. She provided me excellent graphic design, content creation and general theme guidance in an extremely efficient and professional manner. I would suggest her work to anyone looking to create and or better their website and branding.

Nick Palladino | The Big Yogi