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Photography – Professional Photographer

ABOUT Guillermo Suárez Photography

Guillermo Suárez is a Photographer, Videographer, and Lifestyle Consultant living in the San Francisco Area.


Guillermo Suárez is a complete aviation enthusiast. He wanted his branding to portray his passion for motoring, vintage style, and Art Deco. Hourglass Studios created a unique logo uniting all these elements in a sleek design.

In addition to branding and logo design, we assisted Guillermo with his written copy, provided feedback on optimal image selection and created a mobile responsive portfolio website to showcase his professional photography.

Update: Guillermo Suárez’s website is no longer active online and his photography business has been discontinued but an archive of our site and branding design can be found on

Guillermo Suarez Gallery


Guillermo Suárez, Photographer, Headshot

Highly recommended designer, artist, and consummate professional. An eye for aesthetics that is hard to find in this oversaturated market. Anyone working with the likes of her would be truly privileged. Efficient in her work and quality is paramount. Cannot stress how much of a joy it was working with Nina.

Guillermo Suárez | Professional Photographer