Green Living Builders, Branding

  • Green Living Builders, Flyer Design
  • Green Living Builders, Business Card Design
  • Green Living Builders, Sign

Services Provided

  • Branding: logo design, font selection, style guide
  • Graphic Design: business cards, double-sided promotional flyer



About Green Living Builders, LLC

Green Living Builders, LLC is an independent general contracting company. Principal and founder Rolf Bell is a third-generation Bay Area building contractor and former West Coast Regional Director and Global Village Team Leader for Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Bell has expertise in energy savings, indoor air quality and environmental practices.

Project Details

When Green Living Builders, LLC was looking to re-brand their company with a new name and logo as well as expanding their company they came to us. Their marketing goals were to reach out to past clients and connect with future clients and let them know “We still here and we have a new look.” Having the tools for a future marketing campaign in order to start going out and looking for jobs and contracts was important to them.

Green Living Builders, LLC wanted to ensure that they were making the best use of their marketing and advertising dollars and were please with their results. During the name change process Hourglass Studios not only created a new logo, but also designed promotional marketing flyers to target different client segments as well as a new business card. 

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