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  • Saint Jack Photography, Deck of Cards
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  • Saint Jack Photography, Deck of Cards


  • Branding: logo design
  • Print Design: business card, and illustrated flyer
  • Web Design and Social Media Consultations


Photography – Street Photography

ABOUT Saint Jack Photography

Jack St Jack is an award-winning photographer who lives and works in San Francisco. Jack was born in Appalachia in poverty. He has lived in the Bay Area for half of his life. Simply put, photography lets Jack express who he is and who he hopes to be. His photos capture people as they are and as they hope to be.

Project Details

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Saint Jack Photography for a product photography project and were very impressed with his knowledge of photography equipment and skills at street photography. Jack wanted to take his business to the next level. He had a website, but it is difficult to navigate and very busy visually.

After some brainstorming sessions,  Jack got a complete branding over-hall, a new portfolio website to feature his photography and social media advice. This has given him a professional look, which has increased his business profitability and quality of clients tremendously.

Logo & Branding Materials

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